Introductions are in order

Kia ora koutou
I’m Kevin of the above-named blog. I’m an academic advisor and the coordinator of Learning Services at the local polytechnic in Christchurch. What that means is, I don’t do a lot of classroom teaching anymore, support the occasional student in need of academic advice, and spend a lot of time in meetings and managing our limited resources. I’ve been in tertiary education now for 6+ years, prior to which I was a secondary school English teacher. That feels like a lifetime ago!

This is my third e-learning course, having previously completed EDEM627 and EDEM629. Hello to the familiar faces-slash-names on the list of participants. My institution is going through huge changes and developments in ‘technology enhanced education’ at the moment and I’m looking forward to focusing on some of these in this course. Through the previous online courses, I’ve discovered that time is rarely on my side and regular contributions suffered accordingly. My goal on this course is to improve my participation. I think the key is in what I’m doing now – start early and stick to a schedule. At least I won’t be distracted by one of my favourite past-times at this time of year (hint: see header).

This is my first blog and signing up seemed simple enough. I chose WordPress because I was recently asked to start a WordPress blog, to enhance our institution’s divisional website and services, but it all sounded rather daunting. But like most successful web 2.0 technologies the popularity is in the ease of use. So, here I am, signed up and logged on to the world of WordPress. I found the Dashboard video very helpful but I still managed to waste a fair bit of time navigating around the themes and tools. Next time I’ll just pick a theme and stick to it. I used YouTube to remind myself how to embed a YouTube clip.

So, onwards and upwards. Let the blogging begin!


2 thoughts on “Introductions are in order

  1. Kia ora Kevin,

    Great to see your blog up and running and welcome aboard! Who’s the fisherman? Great idea to incorporate the “Deadline” widget to help get time on your side ;-).

    I hope that the changes being implemented at your organisation will provide an authentic context for your studies with the course. Look forward to learning more.

  2. looking good, Kevin. I’ve decided to use Blogger and have made my site, but haven’t posted anything yet.

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