Provisional essay plan (e-Activity 3.1)

My goal for writing this essay is to better understand the implications for learning advisors and students of moving from face-to-face tutorials and seminars to online teaching. As a coordinator as well as an advisor, I need to understand the process of adoption and change, the concerns that arise for both teaching and management individuals, and the strategies that best mitigate concerns and encourage enthusiastic adoption and expertise with online teaching technologies.

I will need to include information on the technology innovation. I’m not sure whether I should be referring to online teaching software in general, or focus on Adobe Connect, as that is the desktop sharing software the institution is currently using.

Introduce topic of online, synchronous teaching tools such as VoIPs and software that allows desktop sharing (specifically Adobe Connect), web conferencing and the creation and sharing of online teaching materials.
Importance – it provides flexible learning opportunities at times and places that better suit learners’ needs. It also provides more equitable access to academic support services.
Thesis statement – the impact on learners and academic advisors of introducing online teaching, specifically synchronous teaching of academic tutorials and workshops.

Section 1: Description of change models
– description of the CBAM change model. Explain how it applies to my context and the introduction of online teaching technologies (link to theory of diffusion?)
– description of LAT change model – explain importance in relation to the supports that need to be in place to support adoption in my context (link to theory of diffusion?)

Section 2: Implications of change models
– how well does CBAM model help inform educational practice in my context? Identify its strengths and limitations (and maybe other models that address limitations)
– how well does LAT model help inform educational practice in my context? Identify its strengths and limitations (and maybe other models that address limitations)

– summarise findings relevant to my context
– may identify if one model is better in my context for addressing the change process


6 thoughts on “Provisional essay plan (e-Activity 3.1)

  1. Hi Kevin,

    That’s a good essay plan and am impressed how you’ve managed to zoom the focus for the context of EDEM630.

    My recommendation is to focus on one category of digital technology under the umbrella of online learning (for example web-conferencing). This will give you the depth for exploration of your topic as you prepare for the final research article. You can always define and describe what you mean and understand with the concept of “online learning & teaching software” — but recommend that you focus on a particular technology. This is only a 2000 – 3500 word essay. That’s not enough scope to cover the range of online learning software.

    • Hi Wayne
      Thanks for that feedback. It makes good sense to keep the topic as specific and manageable as possible. By focusing on desktop/web conferencing I’m also able to draw on my own experiences more.


  2. Hi Kevin,
    will be interested to see the results of this, and see how it fits alongside what is happening in our team too. Maybe there can be a session at ATLAANZ in November? The provision of flexible options has to be the way that we go…

    • Hi Lyndsay
      Yes, it is an interesting topic and I hope that it turns out to be a good choice. What I mean is, since the public launch of CPIT’s Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy last Tuesday, a whole raft of initiatives have been announced that will have an impact, such as Echo 360, ILPs on Moodle and the purchase of hundreds of Microsoft tablets for student use. That last one could prove interesting as we have put in a EOI for a couple of dozen. Anyway, I doubt there is time to do anything for ATLAANZ this year. I hope to go though and am keen to hear our colleagues’ results on the nationwide ‘Academic Support’ survey. Are you going?


  3. Hi Kevin
    Great topic especially in the world of distance learning. It will be interesting to identify the change of pedagogy of the teacher as opposed to the traditional classroom. I know some educators really struggle with this and I believe my other paper which I am currently doing supports this. Goodluck, love your passion for salmon. You always seem to include it in your papers in some form.

  4. Hi Aaron

    Thanks for those comments. To a degree, the same pedagogical practices apply in terms of encouraging engagement, collaboration, critical evaluation etc. but how you achieve that will differ significantly. I think we have some particular challenges as an academic support team. We don’t necessarily teach content but rather skills and literacies and we try to use the content from whatever programme we are teaching into. . Did you know there are only 65 days to the start of the next fishing season? 🙂

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